Şase, vi se manufactureaza o foamete!

Sau cam asa se pare din cele ce aflu de la halutzmii ce strabat alte orizonturi. Adica criza petrolui e o bagatela fata de ce amenintari maligne vin la adresa sucurilor gastrice ale Cro-Magnonilor si Sapiensilor. Chifteaua si franzela se pregatesc sa doboare pragurile psihologice la aliati si la nealiati. Cereala noastra cea de toate zilele nu isi mai sacrifica glutenul fara de cresteri considerabile, de peste 92% fata de anul trecut (in cazul graului) si de peste 44% la genitorii de bere si vodka. Asta pentru ca niste gao….na, ca era sa le spun ca Mordechai si n-am voie, ca ma pregatesc sa fiu moffel – sacrifica paioasele pentru etanol si nu pentru crescut animalele. Si cand stai cu cu…na, ca iar era sa vorbesc incorect, pe 54% din stocu` mondial de porumb mai ca te doare la basca si lassou de crude-oil, cand stii ca te scoti cu haleala. Pai nu? Lumea sta cu ochii pe rezervoare, cand silozurile sunt alea de la care vine surpriza anului… Urmaritorii pe bursa au vazut ca PowerShares DB Agriculture Fund (DBA) a tranzactionat pe 4 ianuarie un volum de 5 ori mai mare, ceea ce n-a mai facut de prin mai. Da` asta n-ar fi nimic, numai ca prevazatorii au trecut la umplerea hambarelor, dupa cum urmeaza: niponii (cei mai mari importatori) ridica noi depozite, ca sa aiba ce pune pe masa langa sushi si ficatul de cod in foaie de brusture, chinezii au transmis BOB-urilor din cele 36 de mari orase sa faca rezerve de hrana si ulei de gatit si tot asa cu indienii si altii. Cu alimentele care s-au scumpit cu cel mai ridicat indice din ultimii 14 ani incep sa inteleg de ce EU a intrat in teste beta la programul de ID-uri pentru oi si capre. Eu o sa pun anu` asta vro` juma de hectar de cartofi si niste varza. Si sper ca la astea nu-i nevoie de EID!


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  1. 🙂
    Mergeam pe un drum de munte cu motoscuteru intro vreme de twilight, cand…hop, la un moment dat m-am trezit mijlocul acestuia (articolului)…

    Sper ca stiti (si) de gluma, un fapt firesc de altfel pentru oamenii cu o putere de introspectie si analiza ca si a dvs…

    Succesuri (copyright-baseasca)!

  2. @moedechai, ala e link kanadez si nu se deschide decit daca ai landed immigrant 🙂 Uite aci textu:

    We will complain and moan, but it will all end with grudging acceptance.

    Because really there is nothing else for us to do, unless we are willing to live a neolithic existence all summer – eating only what we can grow and kill ourselves, staying close to home, giving up our cars and trucks, not buying goods shipped to stores in trucks.

    Gas prices in Niagara reached $1.20 per litre last week, with every indication the upward trend will continue with the approaching warmer weather.

    The oil companies say the rising prices have to do with the switch from winter-grade gasoline to the less-polluting summer grade coupled with the record-breaking price of crude oil, currently trading around $117 per barrel.

    But this means little to consumers, who are forced to accept these skyrocketing prices that will inevitably be followed later this year by reports of record-high profits for the oil companies.

    In February, the Conference Board of Canada predicted oil profits would climb 18 per cent to nearly $23 billion this year, and that was back when a barrel of oil was hovering around $87.

    The price of crude hasn’t dropped below $100 since March 4, and even that was just a slight nudge down to $99.99.

    The conference board also predicts production at the Alberta tar sands will increase nine per cent.

    Yet, according to the Canadian Press, demand for gas has been in decline since January.

    You read that right: production will increase, theoretically increasing the supply, but prices (and thus profits) will also rise without any indication of a surge in demand.

    This contravenes a major tenet of economic theory: that of supply and demand.


    No wonder people are cynical about the cost of gas, and the reasons offered for its climb.

    Gas prices today are the highest they’ve been since 2005, but at least then there was a culprit to blame. Oil companies were able to jack up prices and say it was because of the damage caused by hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

    There is no similar culprit in 2008. No new wars in the Middle East, no hurricanes causing extensive damage to oil rigs in the southern United States, no fires in little sheds at a southern Ontario refinery.

    None of these; instead we have to take the excuses offered by oil executives and pay the price.

    Where are our governments while gas prices continue to climb, besides watching the money from gas taxes roll in?

    For every litre of gas we buy, 10 cents goes to Ottawa as a tax used to fight a deficit that no longer exists. Another 14.7 cents goes to the province. After those taxes are levied, we pay the five per cent GST, so we are paying a tax on a tax.

    All told, taxes make up roughly 43 per cent of the total price paid at the pump, and pumps $10 billion into the coffers of Canada’s federal and provincial governments.

    There is room here for relief. Prime Minister Stephen Harper even called for such relief – like a break on GST after gas prices reach a certain threshold – when he was in opposition.

    Now in power, he has lost the will to act.

  3. De retinut: “production will increase, theoretically increasing the supply, but prices (and thus profits) will also rise without any indication of a surge in demand.

    This contravenes a major tenet of economic theory: that of supply and demand”.

    Adica mult kakao din Karakas.

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