re-Leapsa pe re-citite

Leapsa asta ne-a mai poposit in curte. De data asta ne soseste de la Nenea. Si, fiind vorba de Nenea Cosmos insusi, o luam la executat.

Regulile sunt aici, la emitent.


And to maintain the endless war, they need endless fear, a fear
that can only be extended indefinitely by taking away our basic
civil rights.
The right wing needs to keep this war, that war, going for as
long as possible because it keeps people distracted. Everyone—except
those who die in it—loves a good war, especially one you can
win quickly. We, good. Them, bad. Them, dead. We win!

Gata. Nu am respectat eu la milimetru cerinta, ca era pacat. A, da. Michael Moore – Dude, where’s my country?

Leapsa am fi dat-o mai departe catre Mizantrop. Dar a fumat-o deja. Asa ca o dam si noi catre Mihnea ( sa se mai linisteasca putin). Georgescu. Si catre Gabriela. Savitsky. Si gata.

PS Asta a fost 1. 2 urmeaza sa se pronunte si el. Daca o avea chef.


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