Premiile Darwin

Ce ne mai place noua? Premiile Darwin. Adicatelea “The Darwin Awards”. Care cu generozitate isi propun imbunatatirea zestrei genetice a umanitatii. Si mai exact rasplatirea cu zisele premii a celor care contribuie decisiv la imbunatatirea fondului nostru genetic. Prin simplul fapt ca se exclud de acolo. Adica, dupa cum spun chiar “darwinistii”:

The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who accidentally remove themselves from it…

Si nu rezistam tentatiei de a va face cunoscute doua astfel de premii:

“What goes up must come down.” (20 June 2007, South Carolina) A 21 year-old couple was found naked in the road an hour before sunrise by a passing cabbie. The unconscious, injured pair was taken to the nearest hospital, where they died without regaining consciousness. Authorities were at a loss to explain what had happened. There were no witnesses, no trace of clothing, and no wrecked cars or motorcycles.

Investigators eventually found a clue high on the roof of a nearby building: two sets of neatly folded clothes, and nothing else. There was no indication of foul play, only of foreplay. “It appears as if [they] accidentally fell off the roof,” Sgt. Florence McCants said.

Safe sex takes on a whole new meaning when you are perched on the edge of a pyramid-shaped metal roof.

This is a true Darwin Award trifecta: TWO people die, WHILE in the act of procreation, due to an ASTONISHINGLY poor decision. Bottom line: If you put yourself in a precarious “position” at the edge of a pointy roof, you may well find yourself coming and going at the same time.

Ironically, one of the deceased was named, “Tumbleston.”

Asta a fost un caz clasic de coitus interruptus. Si al doilea de pe aici, din Balcani:

(13 January 2005, Croatia)

One fateful afternoon, 55-year-old Marko retreated to his semi-detached workshop to make himself a tool for chimney cleaning. The chimney was too high for a simple broom to work, but if he could attach a brush to a chain and then weigh it down with something, that would do the trick. But what could he use as a weight?

He happened to have the perfect object.

It was heavy, yet compact. And best of all, it was made of metal, so he could weld it to the chain. He must have somehow overlooked the fact that it was also a hand grenade and was filled with explosive material.

Marko turned on his welding apparatus and began to create an arc between the chain and the grenade. As the metal heated up, the grenade exploded. The force of the explosion killed poor Marko instantly, blasting shrapnel through the walls of the shed and shattering the windshield of a Mercedes parked outside. Marko’s chimney was untouched, however.


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