Noua revolutie agrara capitalista: in Ceapeurile americane se ciordeste din recolta

Mordechai va previne: aceasta stire nu are nicio legatura cu Elodia, nici nu e o exclusivitate cu Cioaca. Fara cioace. Acum ia auziti la Moshe:

The high cost of corn, wheat and soybeans is leading to a rash of thefts from grain elevators in western Kansas.The thieves have driven big rigs to the grain elevator, filled the truck with cash crops and then sold the grain somewhere else.”There’s incentives there for the wrong people,” said Adrian Derousseau, who runs the Ottawa Coop grain elevator sponsor. Derousseau said he suspects the grain thefts are inside jobs.

“Some of the people that are actually stealing the grain probably know how to run the elevator as well as our own people. And that’s where it becomes very scary,” Derousseau told KMBC’s Martin Augustine. Augustine reported that a thief could fill up a semi-trailer with 1,000 bushels of corn in about five minutes. That load would be worth $5,000. The owners of grain elevators are the ones whose profits are swept away. “When you start losing a $12,000 load of soybeans, it takes a lot of bushels to make up for that,” Derousseau said. “It all comes out of our bottom line. It hurts us.”Derousseau said he’s so concerned about the grain thefts that he’ll hold a meeting later this week with staff from 14 elevators around Ottawa, encouraging them to be on alert and to review security measures.

( Sursa KMBC )


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  1. Stirea asta imi confirma o teorie a mea mai veche, si anume ca americanii se trag din Dacia lui Traian. Uitati-va la Bushica, acelasi tip de cetatean turmentat, caruia ii sopteste un ingeras in ureche. Cind nu ii sopteste se vede, ca tace….

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