Junii germani descopera terapia Ivan Denisovici

A stiut Iosif Vissarionovici dragutul ca Siberia vindeca tignafesul deviationist. Uite si stirea:


A troubled German teen is spending nine months in remote Siberia as part of efforts to turn him away from violence, officials said Thursday. The 16-year-old had been diagnosed as “pathologically aggressive” for behaving violently in school and attacking his mother, said Stefan Becker, head of the youth and social affairs department in the central German town of Giessen. The teen agreed to take part in a program to send troubled youth to Siberia to reform in “a somewhat unusual measure, even for us,” Becker said. Youth services are experimenting with so-called “intensive educational experiences abroad” amid bad-tempered debate in Germany over how to tackle youth crime.

………An official who visited the teen last month to check on his progress reported back that “it seems as if (the plan) is working,” he said. “Siberia is very low on excitement and contacts,” Becker said. “If he doesn’t hack wood, his place is cold. If he doesn’t get water, he can’t wash. “Becker said he could recall only two similar cases over recent years but an organization representing youth help groups, AGJ, said some 600 serial offenders from Germany are currently taking part in programs outside the country.


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  1. Rebiata, nu e nici un secret, astea erau tabere de pionieri ale Tze Kaka Pe SS , pentru neinitiati, expandez: Tzentralnii Komitet Komunisticeskii Partii Sovietskovo Soiuza. Si eu as fi ajuns cel mai pacifist Karakas de la Marea Neagra sa fi fost intr-un asemenea program, adica ma mutam mai aproape de Oceanul Pacific. Singurul avantaj pentru cei care stau la rusi e ca nu gindesc ca Bush. Oi, matiushka moia!

  2. Da`, dupa o tabara pionereasca in taiga la un -38 cum dreq sa mai gandesti ca Bush…deci germanii isi trimit juniorii la rusi ca, atunci cand vor fi mar,i sa nu gandeaasca ca Dubya….Maladetz

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