Este ilegal să vinzi leuştean în East-End

 Pe britsi i-a prins blestemele expulzatilor, asta e clar. S-au dilit. O zarzavagioacă care vindea la uncie si pfund, eludand in forma continuata sistemul metric, a fost scoasa in ilegalitate si masacrata il tabloidele perfide ale albionilor. Asta chiar daca sugativele beau bere la pinta si nu la litru si centilitru. Discriminare pozitivă. Care va sa zica, Moshe a extras pentru curiosi:

London’s East End is notorious for its criminals, from serial murderer Jack the Ripper to mobsters the Kray twins.The latest candidate for this rogue’s gallery is Janet Devers, a 63-year-old woman who runs a vegetable stall at Ridley Road market. Her alleged crime: selling goods only by the pound and the ounce.Ms. Devers, whose stall has been in the family for 60 years, faces 13 criminal charges stemming from not selling her produce by the kilogram and the gram. She stands accused of breaking a European Union-instigated rule that countries must use metric measures to standardize trade. The rest of Europe is metric.Ms. Devers, who pleaded not guilty in a court appearance on Friday, is being lionized for her stand in Britain’s feisty tabloids. If convicted, she could be fined as much as $130,000.

“It’s disgusting,” said Ms. Devers of the charges. “We have knifings. We have killings,” she said. “And they’re taking me to court because I’m selling in pounds and ounces.”


 Leninişti din toate ţările, bucuraţi-vă şi vă veseliţi într-însa: piaţa financiară globala e în dip şit

Moshe va va tine la curent cu lucrurile importante precum binecunoscutele trading/liquidity crises, currency controls, market halts si alte lucruri vesele, muuuult mai vesele decat scandalurile patetic-regionale din Pedelicia .

Bank of America Corp. said Tuesday its fourth-quarter earnings fell by 95 percent and Wachovia Corp. reported its earnings tumbled 98 percent, with both banks citing the lending crisis.

The Fed said it was cutting the federal funds rate, the interest that banks charge each other on overnight loans, to 3.5 percent, down by three-fourths of a percentage point from 4.25 percent.

Fears of a recession in the United States that could pull down the global economy as well have infected markets around the world, and those declines further unnerved U.S. investors who were unable to trade Monday, when Wall Street was closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Si altele: pietele europene sunt in cadere, aurul merge pe un simpatic 850 coco uncia. Iar India si Coreea au suspendat tranzactiile ieri. Pentru aia care cred in tigrii asiatici si miracolul chinezilor orezari, noutati de tot rahatu`: piata asiatica a cazut cu 5%. Dac-as fi in locul lui Varujan as schimba mandatul, poate la Cultura si culte, ca la cat de expert e rugaciunile merg mai bine decat strategiile. 


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